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Paper Shredding Services Las Vegas

Las Vegas Document Scanning specializes in document scanning and storage services, but we understand that document management processes extend all the way to a document’s final destruction. To protect your private business information, we recommend shredding any file containing personal or private information about your company, customers, and employees.

Every document has an expiration date. Rather than store thousands of documents with outdated information, hire a Las Vegas shredding professional to shred your files to unrecoverable bits and keep your private information secure.

Paper Shredding Service Frequencies

Depending on the size of your office and the volume of documents you need to shred you will require a certain level of service. Shredding services are offered at varying degrees, you can:

  • Schedule shredding services for weekly, monthly or annual service
  • Schedule a one-time pickup for a large shredding purge
  • Choose a residential or commercial option, depending on your volume

Document Shredding Service Options in Las Vegas

Document Shredding Service in Las Vegas

You have a variety of paper shredding service options to choose from to meet the needs of all sizes and types of Las Vegas businesses.

Mobile Shredding Services

Have a truck with an industrial shredder in the back visit your location and shred your materials onsite. You can watch the entire process as an extra precaution, and you never have to leave your office.

Offsite Shredding Services

Designed for larger volumes of paperwork, you can have your documents picked up from your Las Vegas location and shredded at a secure local facility. Your files are dropped off and mixed in with thousands of other papers to add an additional layer of security.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Electronic devices such as CDs, USBs, copy machines, and hard drives store bits of information that are vulnerable to hackers. Have your devices destroyed thoroughly to ensure the information on them is totally unrecoverable.

Shred Day

Shred events are an excellent way to keep your entire community safe and secure. Companies that host shred events can fundraise while shredding private documents, raising awareness on the importance of information security, and keeping their neighbors safe.

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Las Vegas Document Scanning partners with professional shredders throughout your area to keep homes and businesses secure. Call us today at (702) 529-4363 or fill out the form on the left to get free quotes on paper shredding services from experts near you.

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